Recurring themes of violence in modern Bob Dylan music videos

A scene from the music video for Duquesne Whistle

It struck me last night that there are recurring elements of violence in modern Bob Dylan music videos. Beyond Here Lies Nothing, It Must Be Santa, and Duquesne Whistle all have pretty rough bust ups.


Bob Dylan’s first studio recording… and the inspiration for Together Through Life track

This week I bought a rare Bob Dylan CD from a small second-hand record store in Nottingham.

The album is called 'Bob Dylan - Keep In The Background' and features a young Dylan on his first ever studio


Under The Red Sky Is Born!

Well it has been coming for a while. And now Under The Red Sky . com has been born.

I’ve been looking for a while for an outlet for my own observations on Bob Dylan, his music, career, art and anything else.

My nods and smiles when I come up with some obscure fact that amazes me… but really, it’s a one way lecture!

I’m sure you know the feeling.

And so it was that this site came to be.

I was looking for a name for a while, and last week got to trying different domains.

Most of the well-know album and song names were taken.

And titles like ‘Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume 3′ just didn’t quite have the right catchiness to them!

Then all of a sudden it came… undertheredsky.com – available!

So here we go!

Welcome to the small online home of a Dylan fan!