Should I Buy Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Prints On eBay?

Bob Dylan Drawn Blank prints pop up for sale on eBay quite regularly.

However, very often they do not sell. Why is this? And should you consider buying any of the Drawn Blank series from eBay?

There are so many things to consider. But this guide will break things down a little bit.


The early years of the Drawn Blank series have sold out in galleries. At the time of writing this, individual prints from 2008 and  2009 were all sold out on the official Bob Dylan art website. Some individual galleries may stock them, but it is rare.

The secondary market is quite often the best place to purchase prints that are no longer available from galleries.


There are four essential things to look for on Bob Dylan prints that appear for sale on eBay in order to validate their authenticity. Without these I would not buy:

  • Pictures of the actual print for sale and NOT catalogue images ripped off from other websites
  • Certificate of authenticity – this goes without saying, any genuine print will have this
  • Official Washington Green blind stamp in the bottom corner of the paper
  • A pencil signature in the bottom right corner of the print

There are four more items that will help to prove the authenticity of a Drawn Blank print from eBay:

  • The official style of silver frame from Castle Galleries in the UK
  • An official print folder with a resemblance to those from Washington Green or Castle Galleries
  • The Drank Blank catalogue from the year that the print was made. This is a good sign that it was bought from an official gallery
  • A purchase receipt from the gallery – this is excellent proof of authenticity but very few people sell with this item

Why don’t they sell very often?

Do a quick search on eBay for completed listings and usually there are only two of three Drawn Blank series prints that have sold on eBay. It’s impossible to count those where buyers and sellers have negotiated a deal outside of eBay either by cash or bank transfer. So we’ll stick with the eBay completed listings as a guide. This is also useful because it shows the final sale price.

So why don’t many actually sell on eBay? Well, the simple answer is these – sellers are listing their pieces with a price that’s too high.

Take a look at the final sale prices of these two prints – a 2009 Sunflowers print and a 2009 Fisherman print:


Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series Fisherman print that sold on eBay for £1533.15

Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series Fisherman print that sold on eBay for £1533.15

Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series Sunflowers print that sold on eBay for £880

Bob Dylan Drawn Blank Series Sunflowers print that sold on eBay for £880

The Fisherman 2009 series print sold for £1533.15 as a Buy It Now prince while the 2009 series Sunflowers print sold for just £880 after an auction.

The Fisherman print and the Sunflowers print from 2009 would have coast around £1500 when bought new from a gallery. So from eBay they’re actually being sold at a loss.

Most people list their prints under the belief that they should be making a profit. But that just isn’t the case with Bob Dylan prints – the secondary market value is LESS than gallery prices when bought new.

This tends to explain why so few prints sell on eBay – people are unwilling to let them go for the actual secondary market value.

Is it a good idea to buy prints on eBay for a discount?

Very occasionally Bob Dylan prints do appear on eBay with a 0.99p auction start price and no reserve. In these situations it is possible to buy the Drawn Blank series for about half the price of buying them new.

This is ideal if the print you’re looking for does come up for sale on eBay.

The question still remains whether Dylan prints are a good investment…. and whether they’re price will increase on the secondary market.

Well, the price has been increasing on the primary market from the official Bob Dylan art website and in galleries. But it is still much lower on the secondary market.

There is no sign yet that the value will increase. However, this could change in the coming years now that the Drawn Blank series is slowing down. Most of the images have already been released. And Dylan is now working on new projects like the Brazil series. So the value of the Drawn Blank prints may well increase in the coming years.


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