Under The Red Sky Is Born!

Well it has been coming for a while. And now Under The Red Sky . com has been born.

I’ve been looking for a while for an outlet for my own observations on Bob Dylan, his music, career, art and anything else.

My nods and smiles when I come up with some obscure fact that amazes me… but really, it’s a one way lecture!

I’m sure you know the feeling.

And so it was that this site came to be.

I was looking for a name for a while, and last week got to trying different domains.

Most of the well-know album and song names were taken.

And titles like ‘Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume 3′ just didn’t quite have the right catchiness to them!

Then all of a sudden it came… undertheredsky.com – available!

So here we go!

Welcome to the small online home of a Dylan fan!


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