Bob Dylan 1965 Royal Albert Hall concert poster

Here’s an interesting Dylan concert poster that appeared on eBay recently. It claims to be a poster from the 1965 show in London, England at the Royal Albert Hall.

Yes, 1965 is that tour. The ‘Judas… I don’t believe you… Play it f***** loud’ tour where Bob was booed at every show.

While the Judas shout came at the Manchester Free Trade hall show, the bootleg is called Live At The Royal Albert Hall.

So this poster that has been listed on eBay wasn’t from the iconic show.

Bob Dylan concert poster claiming to be from the 1965 show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England

But still, it would have a fair bit of historical value, having been at the last shows of the tour in London on May 9th or 10th.

Is it genuine?

The design is strange – no date, no time and printed in a 19th century Victorian style. It also refers to Bob as ‘Robert Dylan’. No other posters do this. And it’s¬†a¬†strange thing to print – he was either Robert Zimmerman in the very early days, Bobbby Dylan, or after 1961 exclusively Bob Dylan.

The seller is a reputable LP and record dealer with 15,000+ positive feedback. Though he himself admits he is no expert in Dylan or concert posters.

The poster sold on eBay for £400 after being reduced from £1000

‘Quite possibly the RAREST EVER Bob Dylan item ever to be offered for sale,’ he writes on the listing. Well, that’s untrue. There are thousands of items that are much rarer.

He adds: ‘Clearly 100% GENIUNE on rough textured paper. It is also of the CORRECT typesetting and design of similar 1960s posters on rough paper. Just like ‘proof’ covers of the time – it is obvious that each letter has been ‘hand set’ and the printing has been done manually with ink. It also SMELLS OLD – I know that sounds strange, but it another VERY important detail people should look out for! THIS IS 100% GEINUNE – NOT SOME LATER FAKE OR LATER COPY – IT IS THE REAL THING.’

Personally I don’t believe anything can be ‘clearly 100% genuine’ as there are so many fraudsters and fakes kicking around.

And the sheer difference of the poster from any others from that period put me off showing interest in acquiring it.

As it probably did many others.

The poster was listed originally for £1,000, reduced to £600 then sold finally for £400. For a 100% genuine 1965 tour poster, they should be selling for a lot more.

That isn’t to say it’s not a great poster, and also a genuine. It could be a nice addition to somebody’s collection.

Unfortunately there will never be a way of proving it is a 100% genuine Bob Dylan concert poster from the 1965 tour.


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